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How to Homeschool in Pakistan? A comprehensive guide

If you are a parent who is looking for how to start homeschooling or want to get proper information regarding homeschooling in Pakistan, This comprehensive guide covers the benefits, challenges, and best practices of homeschooling in Pakistan, with helpful resources and examples.

Learn everything you need to know about homeschooling in Pakistan, from the legal aspects, curriculum options, and exam procedures, to socialization tips.

    How to Homeschool in Pakistan? A Comprehensive Guide

    what is homeschooling and How to Homeschool in Pakistan?
    what is homeschooling and How to Homeschool in Pakistan?

    Homeschooling is not a new concept, even in previous years many famous personalities completed their education at their home, but after the advancement of lifestyle, education is provided by schools, however, the private schooling system made it a business, and at this moment the intellectual parents think about homeschooling it is widespread in first world country for several reasons. However, in Pakistan, the big cities especially Karachi and Islamabad, the number of homeschooled kids has been rising rapid pace. You can see the Google trends.

    Google Trends

    What is Homeschooling?

    Homeschooling is educating kids at home at their own pace. Education can be provided by parents or they can take help from any tutor physically or online, However, parents are in charge. want to read more about What is Homeschooling read here.

    Must remember
    • Homeschooling is NOT a Race!
    • During homeschooling, your child should not be rushed.
    • Don't replicate school at home.
    • Don't pretend to be a teacher of your kids.
    • The children can learn! Even if you don't have a full day of activities planned. The kids will be able to study at their own pace! Even if they are siblings, each child develops at a different speed! Never, ever compare your child's growth to that of others.
    • Curriculum learning goals and milestones are NOT set in stone! These are not a reflection of your child's learning experience or potential!
    • Homeschooling does not require a Montessori diploma or such thing! What you need to know is this, you must know about how your child can learn. Follow in their footsteps... And educate them!
    • Rather than choosing activities and forcing them on your child, start with your child. Their unique interests, passions, and learning styles. Let them lead their own learning journey.

    Is homeschooling legal in Pakistan?

    Homeschooling is not regulated under the law of Pakistan or by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. This means that if parents in Pakistan want to choose to homeschool their children they can.

    How to start homeschooling in Pakistan?

    Homeschooling in Pakistan is a growing trend that offers flexibility, quality, and personalization. Discover how to homeschool your child successfully with this guide. 

    First and foremost decide your Homeschool Goals. why you want to choose to homeschool, here you need to explore the philosophy of homeschooling and its kind, you can find detailed information here.

    Choose a homeschool curriculum:

    You will need to select a curriculum that aligns with the educational standards in Pakistan. You can choose from local or international curricula, such as the Cambridge International Curriculum, American Curriculum, or Edexcel Curriculum.

    It needs to be acknowledged that, There is not a great curriculum except Exploring Nature with Children, that works well for pre-K age and beyond. It’s nature study with art, read-aloud, and lots of science connections. Reading aloud, exploring outside, discussions, counting, cooking, fingerplays, and songs. 

    Social time with family and friends, educational shows if desired. Reading yourself for pleasure and information is one of the biggest indicators for a child who reads. A regular library routine and a print-rich environment. Use the time to learn yourself about education! Love and pay attention to your child and his or her interests! That goes a long way.  You can play card and board games and incorporate learning activities along it. Here is an example of an interactive and engaging board game.

    At what age should I start homeschooling my child?

    Even though homeschooling starts at the age of six months, academically You may begin it at 3-4 years old. if you want to choose the Montessori style in homeschooling, Here is the complete detail of How to teach kindergarten? However, we prefer to start teaching when kids want to learn not according to age,

    When the kid begins to pronounce little words bear in mind that each child is unique in their own talents, so we don't have to push them to learn the direct alphabet but rather attempt to educate them via nature and the things around us. This is the very first and best step for homeschooling your child with love and in a fun way with you, such as when we go somewhere and introduce them to the things we see, such as the sky, birds, trees, and so on, and at home, let them learn by some YouTube poems in which they learn v fast all the things in a rhythm, but you must enjoy it things with them by singing or playing with them so that they will never forget those things.

    How to teach grade till 10 grade?

    This is the most frequently asked question by parents, so you do not need to teach every grade and all subjects in homeschooling. What you need to do is make a strong foundation in languages like English and Urdu, and Maths regularly, your kid should know how to read and write and can write creative writing. No need for any specific books till 8th grade, even from a piece of newspaper you can teach properly. If you don't know how to teach? you can take the help of any tutor or any online school or physical coaching center.

    Even though there are very negligible options in the proper coaching center, fortunately, we have found a great helping solution by the name of The ZATians’ Academy by Zafar Alam, A down to earth person they are providing classes and prepares a child to excel academically for O-Levels and A levels. They have renowned and reputable faculty. They are helpful and caring in attitude, as their primary goal as a faculty member is to help your students get the most out of their education.

    In addition for subjects like Coding, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Information we found the great option named Learn, which is an online school, A leading virtual education institute where the world of knowledge is at your fingertip. The most advanced online education institute that I have ever found. 

    what is homeschooling and How to Homeschool in Pakistan?
    what is homeschooling and How to Homeschool in Pakistan?

    Moreover, we also took help from many other online curricula for example Khan Academy, here is the complete detail of the Best Free online curriculum.

    How to Appeare for Olevel or IGCSE?

    The next step is to appear the child in O-Level or IGCSE, here we have a complete guide you can read
    These are the options we have discovered, if you know of any other options kindly increase our knowledge by commenting to us. 

    How do socialize homeschooled kids?

    Homeschooling is not as simple as most people believe, but it is also the most beautiful approach since you get to spend every moment of your child's life with them. Social activities do not have to be difficult; you may take them to the park every weekend where they will meet new acquaintances and always learn something new. You may take them to malls to teach them etiquette, traffic regulations, and counting. You can also take them to grocery stores to teach them the names of vegetables and fruits.

    In addition, you can enroll them in swimming classes sports centers any vocational center, coding classes, robotic classes Abacus, and so on according to the interest of your little learner. your child has enough time to avail of this opportunity constructively. 

    I'm describing everything above using my own actual experience, not just words. The key is, that you must be kind and patient, and you must constantly praise and support them.

    Always remember that hard effort pays rewards.

    You will witness those productive results when you watch them developing and learning with you, always under your supervision, with the love and attention that they so much wanted.

    We hope you have Found out how to start homeschooling in Pakistan, choose a suitable curriculum, access quality resources, write exams, and socialize with your child. These tips are useful to new homeschooling Parents in this community and you clearly would get knowledge regarding how to homeschool in Pakistan.

    Happy homeschooling and best wishes for your child's bright future!

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