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The Best First Day of School STEM Challenge (Name Tag STEM Challenge)

Are you looking for an outstanding activity for the begging of the year of your STEM class!

Let's explore the amazing world of STEM! Get ready to dive headfirst into the most epic and mind-blowing adventure of your academic lives - it's the fabulous Name Tag STEM Challenge on your very first day of school! 

The Best First Day of School STEM Challenge (Name Tag STEM Challenge)

The Best First Day of School STEM Challenge (Name Tag STEM Challenge) is the most beneficial STEM Challenge because it has significant advantages.

Free worksheet at the bottom

The Best First Day of School STEM Challenge (Name Tag STEM Challenge)


  • The name-building challenge is the best activity On the first day of school because students get to know each other fellows, Building friendships and teamwork in a fun environment.
The Best First Day of School STEM Challenge (Name Tag STEM Challenge)

  • Hands-on learning techniques through engaging activities.
  • Igniting excitement for STEM subjects with enjoyable projects.
  • The name-building challenge is also a great method for younger learners to practice fine motor skills.
  • Boosting confidence through successful completion of activities.
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills with hands-on challenges.
  • Promoting creativity and innovative thinking in students.
  • Inclusive learning that works with different abilities and styles.
  • Connecting theoretical knowledge with real-world application.
  • Creating everlasting memories of fun and meaningful learning experiences.

The Best First Day of School STEM Challenge (Name Tag STEM Challenge)

Perpendicular (vertical) or 3D Name Tag STEM Challenge:  

“Welcome to Engineering What’s your name? Express your initials in Perpendicular (vertical) or 3D!”
(2nd-5th graders)

Let's make the steps for creating 3D initials simple and fun for kids:
  • Step 1: Get a piece of paper that's 8.5 x 11 inches (like a regular printer or computer paper or you can use these worksheets for lower grades).

  • Step 2: Cut the paper into long strips (horizontally).
  • Step 3: Take one strip and shape it to look like an alphabet (perpendicular to the given worksheets free pdf available ).
  • Step 4: Do the same with the other strips and make all your initials.
  • Step 5: Use tape to stick the strips together and make your initials stand up in 3D!

  • Step 6: wow! You've created awesome 3D initials!

Now, you can decorate your 3D initials with colors, stickers, or anything you like! Enjoy the creativity and have a blast in your Engineering class!

SECOND ACTIVITY: Name Building STEM Challenge

To complete the students can use the following materials:
  1. Straws
  2. Popsicle Sticks
  3. Recyclables
  4. Pipe Cleaners
  5. Blocks and Other Building Materials
  6. Worksheets( free pdf at the bottom)
For younger students (pre-k through first grade) you may want to have their names written out by pop sticks or strews or such available things for them on the worksheets.

You can modify the challenge by having students just make the first letter of their name or their initials. Make this activity more challenging by having students build their first and last names.
free download here
Free Printable PDF Worksheets Download Will Start in:
More free worksheets are available here First Day of STEM Class 

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