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How To Appear For O-Level or The IGCSE Examinations as a Homeschool Student or a Private Student?

More and more parents are concerned and worried about how to appear for the IGCSE Examination or o-level examination  as a homeschooled student or a private student? has requested that we create an IGCSE Homeschooling Guide.

How To Appear For O-Level orThe IGCSE Examinations  as a Homeschool Student or a Private Student?

How to appear for the IGCSE examinations as a  homeschool student or a private student?
 How to appear for o level or the IGCSE examinations as a homeschooled student or a private student?

This article has been written out to help students and parents to find a piece of reliable and step-by-step information regarding the O Level orvIGCSE Homeschooling Guide.

This should be acknowledged that this article does not express on behalf of the British Council or the Cambridge International Examinations Board.

Any information mentioned in this article with regard to registration, exam centers, payment of fees, or any other aspect of the exam is subject to change, as a matter of fact, this is an international exam.

So for that purpose, all the appropriate communication channels and website links are given for you to double-check every detail.

Benefits of Private or Homeschool IGCSE Exam:

Private O-Level studying is far better than O-Levels by the school. School-going students have to take tuition after school. and the parents are burdened by the huge amount of school fees tuition fee has become another expense, however, homeschooled kids only have to pay a tuition fee. 

Getting Started with the IGCSE Homeschooling:

Let us begin from the very start.

Researching a particular exam and understanding how and what should be done is essential.

This is the foremost research the student does before listening to the recommendation of elders, peers, and more senior families or cousins.

IGCSE homeschooling students are considered Private Candidates.

Cambridge IGCSE examination board has a very wide website so that all private candidates and their parents can be guided.

Cambridge & Edexcel IGCSE Guide to give you all the information you need.

On the whole, by using the aforementioned article any new student will be able to get a good idea of what the IGCSE exams are.

As said above private candidates have to register by themselves for their IGCSE exams via a Cambridge exam center.

Cambridge exam centers are schools or institutions that are registered with Cambridge International as exam centers.

They can also register via their country branch of the British Council which acts as a center for private candidates.

Most private candidates would like to see their country branch office of the British Council However, you can visit their website.

Visiting the office and speaking to a customer representative will allow you to know in detail about the registration and payment process.

Registration for the IGCSE exams occurs a couple of months before the exam itself.

The IGCSE timelines for the examination are released every year a few months before the IGCSE exams by The British Council and the Cambridge exam centers.

After selecting to do the IGCSE examination two years from now, your child must select which subjects she or he will be taking for the IGCSE exam.

Once you have chosen your subjects, then it is just about getting begun with the correct resources and tuition for your selected subjects.

Making sure there is a practice and system for studying for the IGCSE exam, helps you to cover plenty of material in a single day and hence makes your study sessions productive. 

How to Register For The Exam:

 These are the step that you must have to follow:

Step 1 

Step 2

  • Students must have a covid vaccination certificate. {at least 1}.

Step 3

    Step 4

    • The examination fee is submitted when the registration is opened.
    • There are two exams in the year May and June and another in June and July.
    • Registration for the exam in May and June starts in the first week of January.
    • Registration for the exam in May and June starts in October November and august.

    The fee structure varies subject to subject. At this time fee is almost 16 thousand PKR per subject: however, it has to be recognized that the fee structure can be changed as the rate of the dollar increases.

    The fee for Urdu and Islamiat and English is less than the science subjects.

    However, if you have any queries feel free to ask. you can comment here or join our live session for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. When does a child gives their board exams or O-level exams after homeschooling?

    A.  any time if the child prepear for exam they can appear.

    Q.How to get homeschool kid admitted in school?

    A. If you want to admit n schools, prepear them for their admission test required class.

    Q. in which grade should homeschool kid take admission?

    A. in any grade they can take admission.

    Q how to give practical in private o level?

    A, There are no practical exam in olevel.

    Q .Will homeschooling affect college/university admissions?

    A. NO.

    Q. When homeschool kid gives his board exams or O level exams after homeschooling, is there requirement to show the prove of grade 8th markshhet?

    A. NO. there is no requirement of previous markvsheet .

    Q. For private O level do i need for school living certificate?

    A. No, there is no requirement of any type of certificate for appearing in o level Exams.

    If you have any question write in comments below, we will provide you Answer.

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