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How To Start Preparation For IGCSE As A Homeschool kids:

A Step-By-Step Guide:

The most asked question by homeschooled parents and children is how to home-school and how to prepare for O level or IGCSE  and Matric system. Here we are providing you all the information step by step so it would be extremely helpful to you. 

How To Start Preparation For IGCSE As Homeschool Kids:

First and foremost you have to decide Either you or your kid wishes to select the examination board like the home country examination system or Cambridge system or Ib. 

How to Start Preparation For IGCSE as Homeschool Kids:

How to Start Preparation For IGCSE as Homeschool Kids

What Is The Difference Between Cambridge's O Levels and Cambridge IGCSE?

Cambridge O Level and Cambridge IGCSE are equal qualifications grade for grade. see here

Can A Homeschooled Candidate Register For Cambridge Exams Even If They Don't Attend A Cambridge School?

Candidates can register for Cambridge exams as private candidates if they do not attend the Cambridge school.

The best choice for homeschooled kids is the Cambridge system because here is the choice of the private exam but if the child selects the matric system in Pakistan there is no option to give a private exam for science subjects, therefore, the most acceptable choice is Cambridge which is known as O level. Moreover, if you want further information regarding the difference between O level and the matric system and their benefits click here.

How To Take Admission, Registration & Appear For The IGCSE Examinations As A Homeschooled Student Or A Private Student?

Here is a complete article regarding how to take admission click here.

How To Start Preparation:

For the O-level or Cambridge system what you require to understand is that candidate's English should be perfect in terms of reading and writing. If the student has complete command of the language, your half journey would be manageable.

Command means he must understand how to construct sentences and tenses and he can write an essay and creative writing on their own.

Here are no criteria that children have to clear their middle school or grade 8th  has cleared, Therefore it means that if your kid does not go to school till 8th grade has no problem at all.

What he requires is to know the best command or language, so if you intend to appear at O level prepare your kid for language. Then another subject that is also required is the regional language for example in Pakistan (Urdu), Portugal (Portuguese), or Malaysia (Malay). For all information about the Cambridge ICE curriculum, you can visit their official website click here.

The thing to acknowledge is that this language and religious subject plus social studies (Pak studies) is necessary if the children have to continue in their future studies in their home country, even though if the children are planning to go abroad these subjects are not necessary.

Most students are worried about which and how many subjects should be attempted in one exam. So it's all about student choice, as homeschooling is the name of freedom. Therefore it's all about children's preference or their preparation. 

The core subjects are mandatory like Urdu, Pak Studies and Islamiat especially if the student has to continue their studies in Pakistan however if children are preparing only for abroad studies above mentioned subjects are not required. 

Moreover, considering our experience of teaching, children should not be combined and burdened with long syllabus subjects like Islamist and Pak studies as they both have a long syllabus and lots of stuff to write, therefore I suggest in my yearly research on the student that students should give 2 or 3 subjects in a time whether even if the child has a timeline at the age of 11 or 12 he has more time he only can give 1 subject exam, it becomes super easy for kids. for more information comment us blow.

However, if you have any queries feel free to ask. you can comment here or join our live session for more information.

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