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Reading comprehension worksheets, Rolling the dice. Create your own story

Reading Comprehension worksheets

What Is A Rolling-A-Dice Activity In Learning?

It's only considered by many of us that rolling dice is merely a magnificent game for leisure time, however, we can make it possible for learning through fun. This activity is best for steam education which is the demand of this contemporary era, and as well as adequate for fine motor skills, problem-solving, hands, and eye coordination. Here children can boost their critical thinking and imagination .this activities can be played in a small group of kids or alone also.  this activity can engage the kids in reading and writing in an entertaining way which can bring tremendous outcomes for reinforcing literacy skills. rolling a dice game is not only used in teaching math and probability, even though there are uncountable opportunities for exploring dice with literacy. 

Here are a few ideas? you can make your own story or can be used as it is. There are many works sheets that you can cut or ask kids to make their own story by utilizing their imagination or children can write step by step as you supervise.

Students will roll the dice, one of each for the plot, setting, and character. The results from rolling the dice will determine what your students will write about.

How to play?

 In roll-a-story, you create a story and utilize dice to determine what occurs in the story. Roll-a-story activities can create vocabulary, communication, numeracy, and reflection skills. For roll-a-story activities, you require two or more two people and 1 dice.


What you need for a roll-a-story


All you need for a roll-a-story activity is:

  • two or more people
  • a  dice worksheet

How to do a roll-a-story activity:

  • Decide on someone to begin the story. 
  • When your juvenile is understanding how to accomplish roll-a-story, it benefits if you or another adult starts.
  • Commence with an easy sentence for example ‘Once there was a…’ then ask your kid to select the character – for instance, a child, a grandmother, or a cat or.
  • Take turns to add to the story.
  • Incorporate an occasion that demands your child to pick a number.

How to write the story?

This is just an example, however,  more and more stories and games can be created, Moreover, stem education activities can be conducted.

  1. After coming from school when I was doing my homework.
  2. Then I saw my sister playing with my toy and when I demanded she started fighting me.
  3. Listening to our noise my mother came and she gave us some cards to play with our friends.
  4. We went to our friend's and started playing.  after a while we become bored we went to the park and start playing.
  5. We played hide and seek and enjoyed it a lot. 
  6. The story can be very brief and simple or it can be more complicated,  it all depends on your child’s capabilities and concentration.
  7. Try adding a finishing sentence at the end like ‘And that was the end of this story.’
Reading comprehension worksheets
comprehension worksheets

to download the pdf click here

to download free pdf click here
This is a sample of Dice, to download the pdf click here
My students love to play with dice. They both enjoy and practice their vocabulary. This dice is about some expression. Best for stem education activities, kids will roll the dice and if one kid turns he or she will have to tell what emotion is this or try to describe it in 1 or two sentences,.if you want to download the pdf click here
reading comprehension worksheets
reading comprehension worksheets

to download the pdf click here

comprehension worksheets
Reading comprehension worksheets
for downloading the pdf rolling a dice summer activity click here

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