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Thanksgiving Activity - Kindergarten

These are all free Thanksgiving Activities Kindergarten, stem activities printables, worksheets, or online read-aloud - so I hope they can be helpful as you make your November lesson plans. These activities also can be used for upper grades by making challenges harder. I have also described it here.

17 Thanksgiving Activity Kindergarten

1. Thanksgiving activity with Legos:

First, read Turkey Trouble and created Lego marble mazes. Use the engineer design process. geoboards with rubber bands to create marble mazes.

thanksgiving activity kindergarten
thanksgiving activity kindergarten

2. Balloons over Broadway:

Read the story. Make a puppet with a balloon or paper bag or by making a picture on paper. And if you have a green screen and camera, take their pictures with a parade background. or build a “float”, candy pumpkin catapults.
thanksgiving activity kindergarten
thanksgiving activity kindergarten

3. How to Make A Turkey Trap STEM Activity :

Material List:

  • Cardboard
  • 12 inches of masking tape 
  • 1 yd of string
  • 5 pipe cleaners
  • Scissors

Divide students into groups of 3-4. Explain to students the following plan:

Your family overlooked getting a turkey for a Thanksgiving day party and the stores are all sold out! In terms of getting a turkey for your Thanksgiving feast, what you need to do is to design and create a turkey trap for catching a turkey.

Let students have time to plan out their designs separately and as a team. Give students about 30 minutes to create their turkey traps.

Sit back and observe as students engage in real-world problem-solving. before finishing, the activity, be certain to have students explain and demonstrate how their trap works.

This activity forever has a tremendous impact on students during the Thanksgiving season! For more information, in-depth teacher instructions, student handouts, student planning, a STEM journal, and reflection pages.

One of our favorite methods to boost student concentration and engagement in STEM and one of our famous STEM activities is building a turkey trap. Follow step-by-step instructions to engage the students in the STEM challenge of the real world!

Read How to Catch a Turkey and make “traps”. Make little turkeys out of old pattern blocks with eyes and a feather.

4. The Nantucket Sea Monster :

Read The Nantucket Sea Monster and discuss publicity stunts. Have them plan a publicity stunt.

5. Build a model of a Native American's home: 

Native Americans, challenge them to build a model of a Native American home that can withstand a strong wind (fan in high).

6. 3D Model of The Table:

Read “Our Table” by Peter Reynolds and engineer tables.
Engineer a table for Thanksgiving with paper and tape. Keva planks or Lego can be used. the challenge is how much “food” the tables can hold

7. Veterans Day-parachute Drop:

Veterans Day-parachute drop unit based on the story of the Candy Bomber Gail Halvorsen. After discovering the story of him dropping candy on the children in Berlin during the Berlin Airlift in 1948, the learners are challenged to construct a parachute that will drop a typical candy. Drop the parachutes from the stairway towards a target. Students get to make improvements between tests.

8. Disguise Turkey:

Give Students a paper turkey and they have to disguise him.

9. Build A Shelter For A Turkey:

Build a shelter for a turkey with keva planks, Lego, and cardboard.

10. Gumdrop Turkeys:

Make Gumdrop turkeys with gumdrops and toothpick towers.

11. How Do You Make Turkey Gumdrops?

First, Attach 3 gumdrops to a toothpick, leaving the base or bottom of the toothpick exposed. Repeat this method until you have 5 filled toothpicks. After that, stick the bottom of each toothpick into the round turkey cookie so it looks like a turkey's feathers. Turkey is ready.
thanksgiving activity kindergarten
thanksgiving activity kindergarten

12. Turkomen Go:

Turkomen Go - use the Hexbugs to go after the wine cork turkey at the end using LEGO brick rows on baseplates. use plain white cupcake liners then the kids use markers.

13. Create A Video Sensing Scratch Game:

Create a video sensing scratch game and send their parents on Thanksgiving day. The purpose of the project is to teach them how to schedule emails.www.scratch.mit.edu Free, "how to" cards. children have to create an account here.

14. Turkey Hideouts:

Read Run Turkey Run. then building turkey hideouts.

15. Turkey Transport Activity:

Turkey transport activity. Use Paper, toilet paper rolls, paper clips, pipe cleaners, and small binder clips, and cut out a clip art Turkey. The challenge is to get Turkey from one end to the other; 1 team member holding the string on one side and another holding the other side.

16. Coding Activity:

Do basic grid coding utilizing a large grid in dry-erase sleeves for each kid and pictures of food laminated and taped onto the squares. The kids have to code their method to collect all the food items for Thanksgiving dinner by drawing arrows with dry-erase markers from square to square. Then challenge them to move the pieces around and make a new code.

Furthermore have them build their own turkey mazes and code the directions to get through those as well, by using arrows on note cards.

17. Make Turkey Launchers:

Read Run Turkey Run and then make turkey “launchers” by cutting straws into thirds and taping one end. You can tape a small turkey color it and place the whole thing on a regular straw. The student blows on it and the turkey “runs” away.

you can correspondingly make floor catapults by having them pull the rubber band of the catapult with their fingers. And drive a race to see which turkey gets farther.

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