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Advantages of Homeschooling

Why People Choose Homeschooling:

Homeschooling has been increasing at a high pace more and more people are moving towards homeschooling as they are not getting enough results from the schooling system there are many benefits of homeschooling but before that, first here I describe to you the way most parents choose homeschooling instead of sending the conventional school:  

Old  Teaching Style:

Our teachers focus on filling the board instead of teaching the students. Then they are asked to write down the answers the next day. In this way, the student is given the task of writing five or six subjects by the teacher every day.

Now, if the student has a good memory, he is able to memorize the answers after a little effort. But if his memory is weak, he gets bored after a little effort, puts his books aside, and starts doing something he enjoys. He thinks that he will see what to do in the morning.

When trying to wake him up the next morning, he makes excuses for stomach or headaches and does not want to go to school.

If his parents are strict, they force him to go to school. He goes to school with a bad heart and happily accepts the punishment he receives. He gets to know the limit of punishment and gets used to it. Now back from school he lives his life. Now he doesn't even try to memorize the answers but prepares himself mentally for daily punishment.

The Burden of  Homework:

On the other hand, teachers don't change themselves, the process of filling their board and forcing students to do homework continues. children don't have enough time to see the beauty of nature.


Bullying by teachers and their fellows has been a scary, hurtful devastating state which brings long-term detrimental effects for students. Targeted kids often suffer from insufficient performance in school,  issues in their life chores like less sleep, anxiety, and disheartenment, considering numerous types of research, you can see how much students are being bullied which brings devastating impacts on the child's present and future.

In light of all these experiences and observations, I feel that home is a better option, but it does not mean that I am against schooling at all, I can home-school my children, but not every parent can. School is the best option for children, but this system should be changed.

Un-natural Process of Teaching:

The nature of children is like that they play and jump in childhood and in school, they are taught to sit in one place for 4 to 5 hours. And other abilities are greatly affected.

Lack of Inferiority and Low Confidence:

By not giving time to their parents, they suffer from feelings of inferiority and low confidence, due to which they remain socially and emotionally weak despite social interaction.

Force To Learn With The Same Style Which is Inappropriate:

In schools, most attention is given to writing, although naturally, a child learns to read first and then to write. Both work simultaneously, but in schools, those children whose learning style is slightly different are left behind and are labeled, this is a stigma that always remains with them.

Thousands, millions of students can be empowered if our teachers change their teaching style. To change the heart and mind of the student, the teacher has to change the way he teaches. The child is not weak, in fact, there is no compatibility between the teacher's teaching method and the student's intellectual level. If the teacher succeeds in creating this compatibility, the student's success begins.

Benefits of Homeschooling:

More and more people prefer homeschooling nowadays because it has significantly advantageous. some advantages of them are given below:

Academic Flexibility:

The most important thing about homeschooling is that there is no special syllabus, as children not only learn the names of vegetables in both English and Hindi while cutting vegetables in the kitchen but also get to know them. Along with this, the usefulness of vegetables is also discussed, in the same way, they are learning everywhere while kneading the dough, cleaning the house, and walking in the garden. 

The Flexibility of Time and Place:

They are not restricted by time, place, or examination. If their heart wants to read a storybook, then they read a story, if their heart wants to draw, then they draw. For young children, one of the parents must be available at all times.

Warm Family Environment:

Starting till the age of seven a child needs love and attention. If you take them away from you at their prime time of age, they will be emotionally very weak. They grow up and try to fulfill it, which has more disadvantages in today's era. The early childhood age is significantly precious and the demanding child wants you even if he prefers their parents to their own relatives, How a child can feel secure away from their mother, father, their family. you even could not imagine how a child felt when in their early time he is sitting in a different environment and forced to study, unbelievable.

One-on-One Learning:

In the school one teacher cater to a huge number of students.    however. Moreover, these teachers are assigned a limited time for every class per day,  Every child has his own understanding style but in homeschooling children can receive individual attention, and parents can concentrate on each kid separately and modify their teaching techniques according to each kid’s requirement.

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