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Happy Teachers day quotes and wishes

Happy Teacher's Day.

 World Teachers' day on the October 5 has been declared by UNESCO in 1994, in terms of paying to honor the teacher. it was an element of the intergovernmental conference which was convoked by UNESCO in Paris, where the status of teachers was recognized in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The teachers' day has significant importance as a matter of fact that after our parents,  is the teacher who instills good values and knowledge into our lives. They are who inculcate good moral values and wisdom. we don't have enough words to express how much they have given to us and our words would not be enough for expressing our gratitude to our teachers, therefore we dedicate the 5th of October to all our precious mentors and teachers who have given us the true essence of knowledge and have taught us a single thing about life and enabled us to become a better individual. 

After completing our journey of high school and college and university, we tend to forget our respected teachers who have been not only building blocks but pillars of where we are today. Therefore on this day, let me remember all our teachers and send them a great love and gratitude message for recreating an important role in our lives. Here are some messages, wishes, quotes, and greetings for Teachers' Day by which we pay salute to our teachers.

Wish you happiness and pleasure in your life, you are an exceptional and outstanding teacher,   you only deserve the best as you have given us wisdome with love and care.


You are the motivation, the direction, you have brightened my life  I must say you are the candle to my life. I am profoundly thankful that you are my teacher. 


  wishing you lots of love my dearest teacher you are the pillar of our victory you have brightened my life with your love and care. you are not only a teacher but a role model for me. I want to be like you in the future.

My dear teacher I wish you all my love and best wishes that you have given me a true essence of wisdom, whatever I am now, all your effort.

Happy Teachers Day to all my teachers who are part to build the building of success. whatever I have achieved in my life it is all your effort and hard work. at this stage of life, I can realize that your anger is just for our success. I would like to pay gratitude to the core of my heart. 

A teacher is not the king but a kingmaker. I wish you the best wishes for my stunning teacher Happy teacher day.

My dearest teacher, you are the person who didn't give us money but taught us how to earn money I pay my gratitude to you  and want to say Happy teachers day.

My dearest teacher, you are special to me because you made my life successful. where I m now it's just because of you.


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