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Qualities Of A Good Teacher

It is said that a teacher is not a king but he makes a king. Now think how perfect the person who makes a king must be. The personality of an ideal teacher is universal. He educates and trains his students as his own children, that's why the teacher has the status of a spiritual father. has been given.

An ideal teacher has the full capacity to shape the mind of the student. It changes the child's mind. And makes the students friends with the books and 
teaches from the heart. 

An ideal teacher teaches from the heart and not from the book. He is more concerned about how much his students have learned than completing the syllabus.

It is always present in the mind of an ideal teacher that the future of the country and the destiny of the nation is in the hands of his students.

He has immense talent, whether he is teaching Montessori classes or university students, whatever class he is teaching, he teaches at their level. He spreads knowledge, not withholds knowledge.

An ideal teacher is not only a teacher but also an orator, a journalist, an actor, a clown, an economist, a psychologist, and a leader. He has a wealth of knowledge, but he is still thirsty for knowledge. He has a passion for learning and wants to acquire new information.

He remembers the names of his students by heart. He is well aware of their habits, psychology, weaknesses, strengths, and problems. And plays an important role in their solution.

The ideal teacher does not sit in the class, nor does he stand in one place in the class. He goes to each student in the class along with writing on the board and lecturing. He asks them questions and satisfies them. That the children are understanding the lesson. He knows very well which student needs his attention.

An ideal teacher is a friend of students. Students share their every little thing and every problem with him. Students can ask him questions without any fear. He does not scold the children for asking questions but praises them and in the light of his knowledge and experience, he tries his best to satisfy every student.

The ideal teacher does not believe in favoritism. For this all students are equal. His attitude towards all the students is the same. He cares about each and every one of his students. He has only one wish that each of his students should be successful and shine as a bright star.

An ideal teacher does not let students get bored. Children wait for their period to start. When the period ends, they become sad. Students want this period to never end. Rather, they wish that all the subjects are taught by the same teacher.

An ideal teacher's students do not need tutoring. He would read, teach and explain so well in class that the students needed no further explanation.

The ideal teacher does not get angry. He does not believe in beatings. He motivates the children. He does not shout in class but he speaks in a very low tone.

The ideal teacher knows that success depends on adherence to discipline. He is self-disciplined and expects the same from his students. He values ​​time. He does not take leave.

An ideal teacher tries hard to make his students become good people. May they develop well, make their future bright, lift their parents out of poverty and make the name of their country bright.

An ideal teacher earns respect, rewards, and prayers along with money.

It is not necessary that all the above characteristics are present in a single teacher. The teacher who has the maximum qualities will be the ideal teacher for his students.

An ideal teacher is an asset to the school. School management, students, and their parents are proud of such a teacher.

Surely there must have been some teacher in your life who changed you completely through his teaching and today you give the credit for your success to that teacher. will be some qualities of a good teacher including skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy, and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices, and a lifelong love of learning.

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