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Halloween Stem Challenges With Free Printable Worksheet

Welcome to the Ultimate Halloween STEM Experience! 
Are you ready for a spooktacular adventure that blends the magic of Halloween with the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? Look no further! Our Halloween STEM Challenges have been meticulously designed to ignite your curiosity and creativity in ways that go beyond traditional arts and crafts. 

Halloween Stem Challenges With Free Printable Worksheet

 Our challenges are designed to spark your kid's imagination, making learning an exciting adventure. Picture kids mixing magical concoctions, crafting haunted mazes, and discovering the wonders of science in every creepy corner. Plus, we haven't forgotten the joy of creating spooky art you can get all free pdf from the bottom!. 

Halloween Stem Challenges With Free Printable Worksheet

Stem Activity for Halloween Pumpkin Color Mixing Sensory Bag:

The first Halloween stem challenge is, The pumpkin color mixing sensory bag. this must be an acceptable motor activity that is simultaneously fun for students in October. These bags can also be used for Tracing the letter or number just in three steps. 

How to make the Halloween stem challenges sensory bags.

How to make the Halloween stem challenges sensory bags.

We need:

  • Hair Gel
  • Food Color
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Ziploc
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Marker

For the Halloween, stem challenges sensory bag first and foremost, pour hair gel into 3 separate containers. 

Add red in 1contaner of gel then orange in the 2nd container and at last add yellow in the 3rd container pour all 3 different color gels and pumpkin seed into 1 Ziploc transparent bag. then draw an image of a pumpkin in the middle of the bag. the sensory bag has been ready for learning and fun.

Spookily the Cube Pumpkin Math activity 3-D:

Halloween stem challenges another activity is the spooky pumpkin activity, This is the best Stem activity for Halloween.
Spookily the Pumpkin Math activity 3-D:

Material Required:

Halloween stem challenges Spookely the Pumpkin Math 3-D Activity we required:

  1. Orange construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Scotch tape
  4. Gree Construction paper
  5. Marker


For the Halloween stem challenge, a spooky activity what you need to do is,
  • First, take construction paper and then fold it like a cube to make the pumpkins. 
  • Cut some leaves, eyes, arms, and a mouth from construction paper. Add details to the paper utilizing your markers.
  • Use a small piece of tape to attach the paper to your cube.
  •  Use a half-green pipe cleaner for making a stem for Spookley. Twist one end to attach it to the straw.

Standing Pumpkin Halloween STEM Challenge with the free lesson plan and printable PDF

Standing Pumpkin is the great hit of this year, here you can read more about the Halloween Stem Standing Pumpkin Challenge
Halloween Stem Standing Pumpkin Challenge
Halloween Stem Standing Pumpkin Challenge

Halloween STEM CHALLENGE 3D cube spider using the pipe cleaner

Creating a 3D spider using pipe cleaners is a fantastic STEM activity that enhances creativity, fine motor skills and understanding of geometric shapes can see here

Quiver App Activity:

Quiver App Activity:

Halloween stem challenges are Another stunning Halloween stem activity with a QUIVER app  detail see hair 


How to use:

First and foremost Download the Quiver app a get more details on the Quiever app see here.

 How do you get Quiver to work?
  • First and foremost Download the Quiver app. 
  • Color the Quiver sheet(see down for printable sheet )
  • Scan the QR code
  • Now scan the coloring sheet. 
  • You can see a square of blue color appear across the coloring sheet.
  • When the page comes to life, tap on your 3D content and use the UI buttons to interact, be fun, and engage Halloween to stem challenges.
 by Hana 

to Download printabel file click here
Halloween Stem Challenges 

To Download printable file click here

Halloween Stem Challenges 

To Download the free printable worksheet click here

Halloween Stem Challenges 

to download the pdf click here

To Download the free printable worksheet click here

Halloween worksheets 2

Halloween worksheet 3


Halloween color pages

We did not neglect the art activity for Halloween you can get these Halloween color pages from here with step by step guide

haloween coor pages

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