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Best 20 International Dot Day activities

September 15th is International Dot Day which is a global celebration of creativity in the classroom was founded to celebrate, imagination, creativity, courage, and collaboration, The celebration is one of the most fun days of the year! It is Celebrated by both children and adults, International Dot Day is the day to connect, collaborate, and create.

International Dot Day Activities and  Stem Challenges

Before diving towards stem challenges with Dot Day a little info about International Dot Day.

Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

History of International Dot Day

International Dot Day is based on Peter H. Reynolds's award-winning book The Dot.

In the story, Vashti a little girl initially believes she lacks artistic talent and is unable to create meaningful art.

This all changes when her teacher encourages her to make a mark on a piece of paper, starting with a simple dot. This seemingly insignificant act sets in motion a series of events that lead Vashti to discover her own creative potential. 

Hence she discovers that she is indeed an artist and later helps others embrace their creativity. A dot might be small, but it is a powerful way to show your distinctive individuality and creative thinking. And that is the story that inspired International Dot Day.

Who started International Dot Day?

Teacher Terry Shay

International Dot Day, this day of creativity, courage, and collaboration, commenced when teacher Terry Shay introduced Peter H. Reynolds' book The Dot on 15th September 2009 to his classroom.


On this day first and foremost, you can register yourself to show collaboration with millions of people around the world. For registration click here here

Read the Dot:

An adequate way in order to start your celebration is to read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. This book was the spark for International Dot Day! to get the book here.  Talk about the moral of the story and how it relates to STEM. 

These activities can be done to stem challenges in order to celebrate International Dot Day.

  1. Dot candy towers,
  2. Augmented reality dots
  3. Bigger and bigger dot
  4. Parabolic Curve 
  5. Circle Cutout Necklace Craft
  6. Code a dot
  7. Painting with Dots
  8. Toilet paper roll painting
  9. Decorate paper plate with dots
  10. Dot sticker note card towers
  11. Dot Day Sewing Craft
  12. Coffee filter dot art challenge
  13. Wear the International Dot Day shirts
  14. Activity by buttons
  15. Science Experiment
  16. Weave a dot

Dot Candy Towers:

Building with dots. let kids see how high a structure students can build by dot candies and toothpicks. you can cover the dots with corn starch pro tip ( alcohol wipes are your buddy for cleanup).  

Augmented Reality Dots with Quiver!

Quiver is incredible and astonishing (easy to use) as well. Quiver partnered with Dot Day to transform dots into 3D using augmented reality with all. Get the Quiver App, print the page, and bring your dot to life! 

The augmented Reality app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

For this activity, need to download the app (or click here). When printed, have your students draw their dot design on the sheet. When finished, have them launch the Quiver app and scan the paper. When the sheet recognizes Quiver, it will automatically create an AR version of the dot. The children can bear it in their hands!

Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

Check it out below!

International Dot Day
credit goes to Google

Bigger and Bigger Dot:

Bigger and Bigger Dot

Making a dot and then making it bigger and bigger and bigger, kids can use any colors to make their dot art. They can start with a dot in the center and then paint colors bigger and bigger, they might splatter paint to make dots or use their fingerprints to make dots.

Parabolic Curve

The parabolic curve is a great activity to celebrate International Dot Day, it is a great stem challenge that students have to draw curves using straight lines get more detail about how to draw parabolic curves and parabolic worksheets
See here.

Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

Circle Cutout Necklace Craft;

To celebrate International Dot Day, here's another great activity for young artists: have them color and decorate circles, and then cut them out. With the guidance of a teacher or parents, kids can create holes in the circles and thread them onto a string or a thin thread to make necklaces. 

This activity is not only engaging but also encourages creativity and fine motor skills. This beautiful free worksheet is also available at the bottom.


Code a dot

Code a Dot" is a fun and educational project available on code.org's platform called "Artist." This project introduces students to the world of coding and computer programming in a creative and engaging way.

You get to tell a little computer 'artist' how to draw dots, lines, and shapes using simple commands. It's a fun way to be creative and learn about coding at the same time. Give it a try and see what amazing dot designs you can create!

Toilet Paper Roll Painting

Another way to celebrate Dot Day is something round like a toilet paper tube to print dots color them in with crayons watercolors or whatever have kids. 

Decorate the paper plate with dots:

use a paper plate to create your kid's Dot masterpiece, remember you're making designs you're not making pictures and if you look carefully it is entirely created by a Dot of little dots, can you imagine painting, billions of dots how will you be making your mark I can't wait to see what you do bring in your masterpiece.

Dot sticker note card towers:

This STEM challenge will build up collaboration and teamwork in your class! what you need is only notecards and circle (dot!) stickers. These great products I personally recommend, and when you shop through my affiliate links, you're not only getting top-quality items but also helping to support this platform. Rest assured, it won't cost you a dime more. Your purchase through these links helps keep valuable content coming your way. Thank you for your support). In this activity, students can work together in order to create a tower. Set the amount of time and then start the timer. The tower which is the tallest still standing after the finishing of time wins!

You’ll see how students quickly realize that they must work together to make the tower stand and they learn to collaborate on how to keep the standing structure!

Painting with Dots:

To celebrate this enthusiasm kids can create more pictures or create poems. here are more ideas for you.

Kids can make their dot masterpieces any way they like
the only rule is that it has to be made of dots.

Dot Day Sewing Craft:

This one takes more patience and skill. outline a circle in the cardboard. Use a skewer, and puncture holes (dots!) around the outline of the circle. Then, use the yard and large sewing needles and start weaving around the cardboard circle. This will create a unique design. That all started with a dot.

Coffee Filter Dot Art Challenge:

Why not use a coffee filter to make dot art, kids can use water-based markers or watercolor paints to make a design and after spraying it with a little water to make it look like tie-dye.

Painting Dots on a Stone

Painting dots on a stone is a delightful art form that involves creating intricate designs using tiny dots of paint on the surface of a stone and great and simple activity to celebrate Dot Day.

Wear the International Dot Day shirts: 

The best dress to celebrate this theme is the Polkadot, however, if don't find the complete dress you or your kids can wear dot day shirts, which go best with that theme.

The polka dots can be small, or big and can wear shoes or accessories.

Activity by Buttons:

A few years ago we purchased a button maker. still now, every year it is used on Dot Day, The kids can use dots in order to design their buttons [a large dot]. If you do not have a button maker - no worries! it can be found in a really large amount of craft buttons even on Amazon.

Science Experiment:

Tie Dot Day into your science lessons! “Sharpie Pen Color” science experiment is great for Observ Properties and the Practice of Science.

Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

International Dot Day Activities Free Printable PDF Worksheet Download Will Start in:

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