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Parabolic Curve with Lesson Plan & Worksheet With Free PDF

A parabolic curve is a special type of curve that looks like a smiley face or a frown. It's often found in nature, like the path of a bouncing ball or the shape of a water fountain. You can even make one with your ruler and straight lines by marking the numbers and joining the same numbers, like 1 to 1, 2 to 2, and so on! To make it easier here are worksheets with free PDF.

Parabolic Curve Worksheets With Free PDF

Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

Make a curve with Straight Lines:

To make a parabolic curve, all you need is a ruler and some paper. First, draw a straight line on the bottom of your paper, and mark numbers along it. 

Then, make a dot somewhere above that line and mark the same numbers on the dot. Now, connect the matching numbers with short, straight lines, and watch as your straight lines create a cool curved shape!

Be Creative:

The best part about parabolic curves is that you can make them your own. Try making big ones, small ones, or even super wavy ones. Use different colors to make it fun and unique. Parabolic curves are all about celebrating your creativity while matching and joining the numbers!

Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

Parabolic Curve with Lesson Plan and Worksheet with Free PDF

International Dot Day STEM Challenge - Creating Parabolic Curves with Straight Lines
  • Grade Level: 5th and 6th Grade
  • Duration: 1 class period (approximately 45-60 minutes)

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn about International Dot Day and its significance.
  • Students will understand the concept of a parabolic curve.
  • Students will practice drawing parabolic curves using straight lines.
  • Students will engage in a hands-on STEM challenge to create their own parabolic curves.


  • Whiteboard and markers (or chalkboard and chalk)
  • Rulers or straight edges
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Grid paper or blank paper or worksheet is given below
  • Markers or colored pencils (optional)
  • Examples of parabolic curves (images or diagrams)

Introduction (10 minutes):

Begin by introducing International Dot Day and explaining its significance in celebrating creativity and self-expression.

Show examples of parabolic curves and briefly explain what they are and where they can be found in nature and man-made objects (e.g., bridges, satellite dishes, projectile motion).

Activity (30 minutes): 

Divide the class into small groups or pairs, depending on the class size and resources available.

Provide each group with grid paper or blank paper, rulers, pencils, and erasers.

Instruct students to draw a parabolic curve using straight lines. They can start by drawing a simple grid with numbers to guide them.

Walk around the classroom to offer guidance and answer questions as students work on their curves.

Encourage creativity in designing their curves, such as experimenting with different slopes and sizes.

Discussion (10 minutes): 

Bring the class back together and have each group or pair present their parabolic curve. Discuss the variations and creativity displayed in their designs. Discuss any challenges they encountered and how they overcame them.

Conclusion (5 minutes): 

  • Summarize the importance of creativity and problem-solving, as demonstrated in creating parabolic curves.
  • Mention how International Dot Day celebrates self-expression and creativity, just like their STEM challenge.
  • Invite students to share their creations on International Dot Day if it falls within the school calendar.
Download the free worksheet link at the bottom

Homework/Extension (Optional):

As an extension, you can assign homework where students research and find real-life examples of parabolic curves in architecture, engineering, or nature.


Assess students' understanding based on their participation in the STEM challenge and their ability to explain the concept of a parabolic curve.

Evaluate the creativity and effort put into their curve designs.

This lesson plan not only introduces students to the concept of parabolic curves but also aligns with the spirit of International Dot Day by encouraging creative exploration and problem-solving.

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