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Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving STEM Activities

Are you in search of Thanksgiving activities for elementary kids that go beyond arts and crafts, incorporating various STEM domains? Look no further! This engaging Thanksgiving STEM Activities activity not only emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving but also raises awareness among kids about recent Turkey-related issues. It involves mathematics as kids learn measurements to understand if their Turkey fits in the built project. Additionally, it integrates science concepts, making it an educational and fun experience for the children. Here you can see how it is incorporating STEM. 

Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving STEM Activities 

Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving Stem Challenge

Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving STEM Challenge

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1. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: 

Save the Turkey STEM Challenge engages kids in a thought-provoking challenge where they explore critical aspects of shelter design for Turkeys. It also encourages them to think creatively about the structure's safety, comfort, and protection against predators.

2. STEM Integration:

This activity is not only Rome around art and craft like many others we can see that more focuses. here you can see how it integrates STEM.


Save the Turkey activity Introduce kids to the real-world contemporary issue of Turkey's problems in 2023, it also sparks discussions on the challenges faced by these birds due to sickness. Connect this information with the need for shelters that address health and safety concerns.


It encourages the use of simple technology tools, such as tablets or computers, to explore more about Turkey-related issues. This can include watching informative videos or exploring online resources.


The core of the activity involves designing and building a Turkey shelter. Kids will apply engineering principles to construct a secure and spacious space that meets the needs of Turkey.


This Thanksgiving activity Incorporates math by introducing measurements. Kids will need to understand dimensions and proportions to ensure the Turkey comfortably fits inside their project.

3. Heightening Awareness:

This activity connects with a brief discussion on the challenges Turkeys face, emphasizing the importance of creating shelters that contribute to their well-being. This awareness component adds depth to the activity, fostering empathy and understanding.

4. Hands-On Application:

Provide materials such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, and other craft supplies. It allows kids to experiment with different designs, learning through hands-on exploration.

5. Group Collaboration:

Encourage teamwork by organizing kids into small groups. This collaborative approach not only enhances social skills but also promotes shared problem-solving and creativity.

6. Presentation and Reflection:

When concluding the activity each group presented their Turkey shelters. This provides an opportunity for kids to articulate their design choices, share their learnings, and reflect on the overall experience.

This multi-faceted Thanksgiving activity not only ignites the spirit of creativity but also cultivates a holistic understanding of STEM concepts while addressing real-world issues.

Lesson plan Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving STEM Challenge:

Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving Stem Challenge
Save The Turkey For Thanksgiving Stem Challenge

Download the Save the Turkey Thanksgiving STEM Activities free worksheet from the bottom

In the year 2023, the Turkey shortage continues due to the persisting challenge of a widespread disease affecting Turkey's population. As a responsible and caring member of the community, you decide to take action for the next Thanksgiving. Your mission is to not only catch a Turkey but also contribute to the neighborhood feast with healthy and stress-free Turkeys. Incorporate the knowledge you gained about Turkey shelters, emphasizing the importance of secure doors, ventilation, and protection from predators like raccoons, foxes, and coyotes.


Students will design and construct a simple and effective Turkey shelter using only two cardboard pieces and popsicle sticks. They will learn about the importance of providing Turkeys with a secure and well-ventilated space, considering challenges such as predators and the need for stress-free living conditions.


  • Printed template available at the bottom
  • Two cardboard pieces per student
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors

Introduction (5 minutes):

Discuss the importance of creating a secure and stress-free environment for Turkeys, considering challenges like predators and the need for proper ventilation.

Introduce The Project:

Constructing a Turkey shelter using only two cardboard pieces and popsicle sticks. Remember you don't use any other thing to join(like glue. Tape paper pin etc..)

Activity (40 minutes):

Step 1: Template and Cardboard Cutting (10 minutes):
  • Distribute printed templates to each student.
  • Instruct students to cut along the template lines on the two cardboard pieces.
  • Emphasize precision in cutting to ensure proper fitting.

Step 2: Popsicle Stick Installation (15 minutes):

  • Show students how to fix popsicle sticks into the slits on the cardboard pieces, creating a secure and ventilated structure.
  • There is a video available to show how to join.
  • Allow creativity in the arrangement of popsicle sticks, but highlight the importance of proper ventilation and predator prevention.
  • Cut the turkey and another predator and stand it by a paper binder clip.

Conclusion (10 minutes):

Have students present their Turkey shelters to the class, explaining their design choices.
  • Can the Turkey comfortably fit inside the shelter designed by your group?
  • Does the shelter provide enough space for Turkey to roam freely?
  • Do you believe the shelter design guarantees the safety of Turkey from potential threats?
  • Are the measures in place to ensure that predators like raccoons, foxes, and coyotes cannot enter the shelter?

Discuss as a class how their designs address the needs of Turkeys, focusing on ventilation, predator prevention, and stress-free living.

Connect the activity to the real-world scenario of Turkeys facing challenges and the importance of providing proper shelter for their well-being.

Extension Activity (Homework):

Ask students to research and draw or write about the challenges Turkeys face in 2023, particularly the impact of diseases. Discuss their findings in the next class and relate them to the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for Turkeys.

By focusing on hands-on construction and discussions about real-world challenges, this lesson plan engages elementary students in understanding the practical aspects of shelter design for Turkeys.

Download Save the Turkey Thanksgiving STEM Activities free Worksheet from here

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