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Bread Mold Experiments

Stem Education Activity For Kids

Bread Mold Experiments

Bread Mold Experiments
Bread Mold Experiments

Bread Mold Experiments is an astonishing stem activity for you that you enjoy a lot, Have you seen the white cottony mass growing on neglected fruit lying for many days in the refrigerator? This white cotton-like mass is actually a dense network of fungi. Fungi are a group of living organisms that do not have chlorophyll. They do not have roots, stems, or leaves. They have filaments. You can study the growth of fun.

For Bread Mold Experiments You Will Need:

  • 4 Slices of bread
  • Garden soil
  • 4 Plastic jars
  • A permanent marker to label each piece of bread
1. Put a slice of bread in a plastic jar.
2. Keep it in the open, near a window.
3. Keep another jar in the fridge.
4. Moisten the other slice of bread.
5. Dirty your hands thoroughly in the garden soil and rub the soil on the moist piece of bread.
6. Keep it inside the other jar.
7. Put the jar in a cold, damp place.
8. After several days, observe the jars.

What do you see as Bread Mold Experiments?

  • There is a dense growth of mold on the soiled slice kept in a moist place.
  • Bread that is in a sunny location will take longer to mold
  • Warm bread  mold faster
  • Wet bread  mold faster
  • Bread molds faster in the open air than in a plastic bag

Bread Mould Experiment Observations and Conclusion

How can you explain Bread Mold Experiments?

Spores of the fungus are present in the air. 

These germinate when conditions are favorable. 

The spores germinate to form white thread-like structures called mycelium.

Fungi affect human beings by destroying food, fabrics, leather, and other goods made from raw materials. They cause the majority of known plant diseases and many diseases in animals. 

But they also have some beneficial uses.

They are used in the making of bread, wines, and beers. They are also used in making cheeses, organic acids, and vitamin preparations.

bread mold experiments
bread mold experiments

Mold grows on bread as a matter of fact that spores land on it and start to multiply, it can grow fastly on the bread and start making a colony.

Bread Mold Experiments Worksheet 

Free printable worksheet

Bread Mold Experiments
Bread Mold Experiments

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