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Borax Crystal Snowflake Science Experiment with Free Lesson Plan and Worksheets

Do your kids love snowflakes? Do you want to make your own snowflakes that last forever? If you do, you will enjoy this amazing science project that teaches you how to grow your borax crystal snowflakes.

In the realm of science experiments,  This article explores this experiment's cognitive benefits, shedding light on the fascinating connection between hands-on activities and mental stimulation.
The Borax crystal snowflakes science experiment stands out not only for its enchanting visual appeal but also for the profound impact it can have on the brain. Learn how to make beautiful borax crystal snowflakes with this easy and fun science project. You only need a few materials and a simple snowflake template to create sparkling ornaments or decorations. Find out more about the science behind snowflake crystals and how they form in nature.
Borax Crystal Snowflake Science Experiment with free lesson plan and worksheets
Borax Crystal Snowflake Science Experiment with free lesson plan and worksheets

Borax Crystal Snowflake Science Experiment with Free Lesson Plan and Worksheets:

The Basics

To initiate the journey into the creation of Borax crystal snowflakes, one must comprehend the fundamental principles of the snowflake science experiment. This captivating experiment involves growing detailed crystal structures that imitate the delicate appearance of real snowflakes. At its core lies Borax, a household item renowned for its extraordinary crystallization properties.

Materials Needed

  1.  Pipe cleaners (cut into 4 pieces ) 
  2.  Borax: Three heaping tablespoons
  3.  Popsicle sticks or craft sticks
  4. Glass jars (pint-size jars work well)
  5.  Boiling water (heated using an electric kettle or coffee urn)
  6.  Ornament hangers or string
  7. Masking tape
  8.  Clear coat spray paint (optional, for preserving crystals)
  9.  Pencils or craft sticks for hanging
  10.  Permanent markers for labeling
  11.  tags “borax crystal snowflake made by…” with their names.
  12. Water: Enough boiling water to dissolve the borax (quantity not specified, but ensure it's enough to completely dissolve the )

The Science Behind It

Free Worksheets and Lesson Plans are at the bottom

Crystallization Process

The essence of the snowflake science experiment lies in the process of crystallization. Borax, when dissolved in hot water and allowed to cool, forms mesmerizing crystals. The pipe cleaners serve as a foundation for these crystals, fostering the growth of intricate snowflake patterns. This not only yields visually stunning results but also offers an educational exploration of crystal formation science. 


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Formation of Unique Snowflakes

A mesmerizing aspect of this experiment is the uniqueness of each snowflake created—much like real snowflakes. The diversity in shapes and sizes arises from the random formation of Borax crystals on the pipe cleaner surfaces. This inherent unpredictability adds an exciting element to the experiment, making it a favorite among both the young and the young at heart.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Prepare glass jars and set them on trays for easy handling.
  • Have popsicle sticks or craft sticks ready for stirring and attaching snowflakes.
  • Fill an electric kettle or coffee urn with boiling water.

Prepare the Solution:

  • Boil water and add Borax until saturation.
  • Create a supersaturated solution to maximize crystal formation.

Craft Snowflake Shapes:

  • Cut pipe cleaners into appropriate lengths based on the age group.
  • Twist pipe cleaners into various snowflake shapes.
  •  Attach strings to snowflake shapes, ensuring they are suspended in the Borax solution without touching the container's sides.


Measuring Borax:

  • Distribute glass jars to each student.
  • Place cups of borax on tables.
  • Instruct students to measure and add three heaping tablespoons of borax into their jars.

Creating Snowflakes:

  • Distribute pre-cut pipe cleaners and guide students in forming snowflake shapes.
  • Attach the snowflake to a popsicle stick or craft stick using a piece of tape or by twisting the end around.

Hanging Snowflakes:

  • Provide options for hanging – use ornament hangers or string.
  • Attach the snowflakes to pencils or craft sticks for easy hanging.
  • Label the string or ornament hanger with masking tape, ensuring names are written with permanent markers.

Waiting Period:

  • Hang the snowflakes over the borax solution. Leave them overnight for optimal crystallization.

Exploring the Visual Delight

Borax Crystal Snowflakes in Action

Witnessing the growth of Borax crystal snowflakes is a visual delight. As the crystallization process unfolds, complex patterns emerge, showcasing the unique beauty of each snowflake. This hands-on experiment provides learners a tangible connection to the science behind natural phenomena.

Enhancing the Experiment

Adding Color and Creativity

Experimenters can enhance their Borax crystal snowflakes by introducing colors. Use colored pipe cleaners or add a few drops of food coloring to the Borax solution for a vibrant touch. This creative element adds an extra layer of engagement to the experiment.

The Science Outreach Impact

Educational Value for All Ages

The snowflake science experiment with Borax crystal snowflakes transcends age barriers, offering an educational experience for both children and adults. It not only fosters an appreciation for scientific processes but also encourages hands-on learning and curiosity.
Free worksheets and lesson plans are at the bottom

Key Takeaways

  • The snowflake science experiment involves creating Borax crystal snowflakes, mimicking the intricate beauty of natural snowflakes. 
  • Borax, known for its exceptional crystallization properties, is the key ingredient in this experiment. 
  • The process of crystallization on pipe cleaners results in unique snowflake patterns, adding an element of unpredictability to the experiment. 
  • The step-by-step guide provides a clear pathway for conducting the experiment successfully, making it accessible for all.

Table: Comparative Overview of Borax Crystal Snowflakes


Natural Snowflakes

Borax Crystal Snowflakes


Atmospheric conditions create snowflakes.

Borax crystals form on pipe cleaners through crystallization.


Each snowflake is unique.

Borax crystal snowflakes are individually distinct due to random crystallization.


Colorless and translucent.

It can be enhanced with colored pipe cleaners or food coloring.

Formation Time

Form instantly in nature.

Requires time for Borax crystals to grow, typically overnight.

Free Worksheets and Lesson Plans are available here

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In conclusion, the snowflake science experiment, enriched by Borax crystal snowflakes, provides a fascinating blend of creativity and science. The unique patterns and educational value make this experiment a delightful endeavor for individuals of all ages. As Borax crystal snowflakes take shape, they not only bring joy but also unveil the wonders of scientific processes in a captivating and hands-on manner.

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