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Halloween STEM CHALLENGE 3D Cube Spider Using Pipe Cleaner

Creating a 3D spider using pipe cleaners is a fantastic STEM activity that enhances creativity, fine motor skills, and understanding of geometric shapes. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to making a 3D spider:

Halloween STEM CHALLENGE 3D Cube Spider Using Pipe Cleaners

Materials Needed:

  • Black pipe cleaners 
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. Gather the Materials: 

Collect black pipe cleaners for the spider's body and legs.

Prepare googly eyes, glue, and scissors for additional details.

2. Make the Spider's Body:

Take the pipe cleaner and create a small cube by twisting it. then add more of this method, This will be the spider's body.

Twist another pipe cleaner around the body to form a larger ball, creating the spider's abdomen.

3. Create the Spider's Legs:

Cut four equal lengths of pipe cleaners for the spider's legs.

Bend each pipe cleaner in half to form a V shape. These will be the spider's eight legs.

Attach the legs to the spider's body by twisting the bent ends around the smaller body ball.

4. Add Eyes and Details:

Glue googly eyes onto the smaller ball to create the spider's face.

Cut tiny pieces of pipe cleaner for fangs and attach them near the eyes.

5. Experiment and Enhance:

Encourage creativity by experimenting with different leg lengths and body sizes to create diverse spiders.

Discuss the importance of balance and stability in making the spider stand upright.

STEM Learning Outcomes:

1. Engineering: Experiment with pipe cleaner lengths and positions to understand stability and balance, ensuring the spider stands on its legs.

2. Mathematics: Explore geometric shapes (circles for body parts, straight lines for legs) and their arrangement to form the spider.

3. Science: Learn about the anatomy of spiders, focusing on body parts like the abdomen, cephalothorax, and eyes.

4. Technology: Use basic crafting materials and tools, enhancing fine motor skills.

5. Creativity: Encourage imaginative thinking while designing the spider's appearance, promoting artistic expression.

Have fun with this 3D spider STEM activity, and let creativity crawl its way into your learning adventure!

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