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Silhouette Poems with PPT

Silhouette poems are a delightful and creative form of poetry, specially designed for kids to explore their imagination and artistic expression. In these poems, children have the opportunity to craft verses that bring to life the silhouettes of various objects.

Silhouette Poems For Kids With PPT


Silhouette poems  for kids with ppt
 PPT at the bottom 


    In the land of ABC and 123,

    Where little ones learn, so full of glee,

    Tiny students, a special crew,

    This poem's for you, oh so true.

    In the world of colors, shapes, and play,

    In the world of "I learn something new today,"

    Silhouettes of you, like shadows cast,

    In our hearts forever, you'll forever last.

    With crayons and glue, we'll make you shine,

    A silhouette craft, oh, so divine,

    In preschool's warmth, you'll find your place,

    Smiles on each tiny, precious face.

    So, here's a poem for Pre-K's delight,

    Little learners, shining bright,

    In this adventure, where dreams take flight,

    With silhouettes of pure delight.

Another Silhouette poem for kids and ppt 

In Pre-K's classroom, so much fun,

    Silhouettes shine like the morning sun.

    With scissors, paper, and our small hands,

    We create art that truly stands.

    Little figures, shapes so clear,

    Crafted with love, a memory dear.

    In our classroom, we learn and play,

    Silhouettes brighten up our day.

by Hina.T 

 Silhouette poems with ppt

 by Hina Tabasum


This unique style of poetry not only encourages young minds to observe the shapes and outlines of the world around them but also invites them to play with words, creating beautiful and imaginative compositions. along with this PowerPoint presentation, we will embark on an exciting journey into the world of silhouette poems, where young poets can let their creativity shine.

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