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Summer Camp Math and Stem Activities

Teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities during a summer camp is both educational and fun. If you are worried that how to incorporate math and STEM in your summer camp, then no more worries, Here are engaging and enthusiastic math activities you can incorporate into your STEAM camp and we must say students or kids will enjoy all these learning through fun activities. 

Summer Camp Math and Stem Activities

Summer camp math and stem activities

Free printable pdf available at the bottom:

Math Scavenger Hunt:

you can create a scavenger hunt where the kids or campers have to solve math problems to find hidden clues or objects. You can design it to focus on specific math concepts like geometry, measurement, or number patterns.

The difficulty level and specific math concepts can be adjusted according to the grade level or age or intelligence of the campers. Here's an example of how the Math Scavenger Hunt worksheet can be modified for different grade levels:

Math Scavenger Hunt Worksheet (Grade 3-5)


Solve the math problems below to find hidden clues or objects. Use the answers to locate the next clue or object. you can work together in teams or individually to complete the scavenger hunt. Have fun and happy hunting!

Clue #1: Geometry:

In this Summer camp math and stem activity, kids will 
Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 8 units and a width of 5 units. 

Answer: _______________ Find the clue hidden in the area of the camp's main garden. Look for a geometric shape with the same area as the rectangle.

Clue #2: Measurement:

The next Summer camp math and stem activity will incorporate measurement. 

Here  Convert 2.5 meters to centimeters.

Answer: _______________ Find the clue hidden near the tallest tree in the camp. Measure its height in meters and multiply it by 100 to find the next location.

Clue #3: Number Patterns:

Find the missing number in the pattern: 5, 10, __, 20, 25, 30. 

Answer: _______________ Search for the clue under the bench near the camp's entrance. Count the number of wooden planks on the bench and multiply it by 5 to find the next clue.

Clue #4: Algebra:

Summer camp math and stem activities
Summer camp math and stem activities

This Summer camp math and stem activity involves Algebra, Solve the equation: 2x + 7 = 15 

Answer: _______________ Look for the clue hidden on the camp's outdoor blackboard. Find the value of 'x' written on the board and subtract 1 to determine the final location.

Final Clue: Treasure!

Congratulations! You've reached the final clue. Use the answers from the previous clues to find the treasure hidden beneath the big oak tree near the campfire site.

Feel free to adjust the math problems and concepts further based on the specific grade level and abilities of the campers.

Here can see the worksheet with their answer keys and printable pdf

Summer Camp Math and Stem Activities Free Printable PDF (Without Watermark) Download Will Start in:

Math Art: Combine math and art by having campers create geometric designs, tessellations, or fractal patterns. Provide them with rulers, compasses, and other tools to explore mathematical concepts while being creative.

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