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Easter Activity For Preschoolers

Looking for fun and engaging Easter activities for preschoolers? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide features a variety of activities that are perfect for keeping little ones entertained and learning during the Easter season. From simple crafts and games to educational worksheets and coloring pages, our collection has something for every preschooler.

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers 

    These activities are designed to promote creativity, develop fine motor skills, and teach important concepts such as counting, matching, and identifying colors. Whether you're a teacher, parent, or caregiver, our Easter activity ideas are sure to be a hit with your little ones. With easy-to-follow instructions and materials that are easy to find, you'll have everything you need to create a memorable Easter experience for the preschoolers in your life. Check out our guide today and get started on a fun-filled Easter adventure!

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers:

    There are many fun Easter activities for preschoolers that you can try. Here are a few ideas for you:

    Egg Coloring: 

    It is a fun and easy Easter activity for preschoolers that allows them to get creative and explore different colors and designs. Have your little ones decorate and color Easter eggs.


    1. Hard-boiled Eggs
    2. Food Coloring Vinegar
    3. Cups or Bowls
    4. Water Spoon
    5. Newspaper or Paper Towels

    • Set your workspace by covering the table with newspaper or paper towels to protect it from any spills.
    • Fill cups or bowls with water and add drops of food coloring to each one.
    •  Add a teaspoon of vinegar to each cup or bowl to help the color adhere to the eggs.
    • Let the preschoolers choose which colors they want to use and help them dip the eggs into the cups or bowls. Use a spoon to gently stir the eggs around to ensure they are fully covered.
    • Once the eggs are the desired color, use the spoon to remove them from the cups or bowls and place them on the newspaper or paper towels to dry.
    • Once the eggs are dry, the preschoolers can further decorate them with stickers or markers, if desired.

    Easter Egg hunt:

    Hide Easter eggs around your home or classroom and have the preschoolers search for them. 

    Classic Easter Egg Hunt:

    Hide plastic eggs filled with small toys or candy in the backyard or a nearby park. You can also dye and decorate real eggs to hide, just be sure to keep them refrigerated until the hunt.

    In addition, For a fun twist, try a flashlight hunt at night! 

    Hide the eggs in the backyard and give each child a flashlight to help them find them.

    Egg Roll:

    Set up an egg rolling race where each child gets to roll an egg down a hill or driveway. The first one to reach the finish line wins a prize.

    Puzzle Hunt:

    Hide pieces of a puzzle in each egg, and have the kids put the puzzle together once they have found all the eggs.

    Easter Story Time:

    Read books about Easter and discuss the meaning of the holiday with the preschoolers.

    Easter Egg Potato Stamping: 

    Cut a potato in half, carve a design into the potato, and use it as a stamp to decorate Easter eggs.

    Easter Bunny Finger Puppets:

    Create Easter bunny finger puppets using felt, glue, and markers.

    Easter Snack-Making:

    Make Easter-themed snacks such as bunny-shaped cookies or chocolate-covered pretzels with sprinkles.

    Bunny Hop Relay Race:

    Divide the preschoolers into teams and have them hop like bunnies from one end of the room to the other. The first team to finish wins!

    Easter Basket Craft:

    Help the preschoolers create their own Easter baskets using construction paper, markers, and glue, and let them decorate them. 

    Easter-Themed Sensory Bin:

    Fill a bin with grass, plastic eggs, and small toys or trinkets for the preschoolers to explore and play with. 

    Egg Shaker Instruments: 

    Fill plastic eggs with rice, beans, or beads and seal them shut with tape. The preschoolers can use them as shakers to create their own music.

    Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe: 

    Use colored eggs as game pieces and draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on a piece of paper or on a chalkboard.

    Easter Egg Matching Game: 

    Decorate pairs of eggs with the same designs or patterns and have the preschoolers match them up.

    Easter-Themed Yoga:

    Lead the preschoolers through a series of yoga poses with an Easter twist, such as the "bunny pose" or "egg pose."

    Easter Activity Book:

    The best activity for preschoolers regarding Easter is to print out these colorful and interactive Easter books and let the kid fall in love.

    This awesome activity book is a big hit for Easter activities for preschoolers, in this way kids not only enjoy Easter but also learn through fun.  Here is a free pdf available at the bottom.
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    What Comes Next:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    Find The Difference:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    Answer The Question:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    I Spy Easter:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    Count and Write:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    Sort It:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers


    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    How Many:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    Circle The Small Easter Egg:

    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers

    Smallest To Largest Easter Egg:

    Cutting activity is best for fine motor skills for preschoolers, Therefore we have designed this wonderful activity for Easter. kids have to cut all eggs and then find which is the smallest to the largest egg.
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers
    Easter Activity For Preschoolers


    Bunny Ear Easter Hat From Bunny Ear Templates:

    Bunny ear Easter cap is a fun activity for preschoolers kids to enjoy.  This fun activity is best for Easter. Here you can find the complete activity with free bunny ear templates.

    The Easter Missing Letter:

    The Easter missing letter
    The Easter missing letter

    Happy Easter Coloring Page:

    Easter Activity Book Free PDF Download 

    Easter Activity Book Free PDF Download will start in:
    Keep your little ones entertained while celebrating the holiday with these exciting ideas! Find the best Easter activity for preschoolers here also Easter activity worksheets and coloring activities with pdf is available here. These Easter activities for preschoolers will be a hit and provide hours of fun and entertainment!

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