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Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

If you are looking to find resources to teach Spanish to kids from a beginner level, there is the Best Homeschool Spanish curriculum available and also a free Spanish curriculum that offers comprehensive and structured courses for learners of all ages and levels. Here are some examples:

    Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum and free Spanish Curriculum:

    Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum
    Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum


    Duolingo is a popular language learning platform that offers a free Spanish course. The course is designed for beginners and covers topics such as basic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. so number one the tool that I use I have my kids to use Duolingo.

    I had them Duolingo Spanish for a long time just so that they can really get their grammar correct, sometimes they would jumble up their you know their past tense and present test verbs and stuff like that which would really irritate me so I had a study Duolingo for a little bit it is a free app. It is really great. Kids can do it on their phone or on their tablet or on their Chromebook and it's just really cute so it is easy they can do one or two lessons a day and that is easy now they're both studying different languages that they want to do my son's doing Portuguese and my daughter's doing Japanese which is really cool.


    SpanishDict is a website that offers a variety of free resources for learning Spanish, one of my go-to resources was spanishdict.com.

    My favorite features of this website include the conjugation tab up here that have very helpful conjugation charts for all the tenses. I also found the grammar tab helpful because I had a lot of practice activities. I found direct and indirect topics, and pronouns particularly difficult so I found this section really helpful and I like to use the explanation section below to review before I would start practicing.

    This is a comprehensive Spanish curriculum and This curriculum is organized into units and covers topics such as greetings, food, and travel.

    Open Culture:

    Open Culture is a website that offers free online courses and resources. They provide a free Spanish curriculum that includes video lessons, audio resources, and interactive exercises.


    StudySpanish.com is a website that offers a free Spanish curriculum that is specially designed for both beginners and advanced learners. The curriculum covers topics such as verb conjugation, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

    Calico Spanish:

    Calico Spanish offers a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that includes lesson plans, online videos, and interactive activities. The curriculum is designed for children ages 5-12 and covers topics such as basic vocabulary, grammar, and culture.

    Rosetta Stone Homeschool:

    Rosetta Stone Homeschool is a popular language learning program that offers a Spanish curriculum specifically designed for homeschoolers. The program uses immersive and interactive methods to teach vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

    Homeschool Spanish Academy:

    Homeschool Spanish Academy offers one-on-one online Spanish classes with native Spanish-speaking teachers. The curriculum is customized to the student's level and interests, making it a flexible and personalized option for homeschoolers.

    Sonrisas Spanish:

    Sonrisas Spanish is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that uses storytelling, music, and games to teach Spanish. The curriculum is designed for children ages 3-10 and covers a range of topics such as numbers, colors, and animals.

    When choosing the best Spanish homeschool curriculum, it's important to consider factors such as your child's learning style, age, and level of proficiency. These four options are highly recommended and have proven to be effective for many homeschooling families.

    More ways to teach the Spanish language:

    I wanted to show you what I did at the beginning which was so effective for me it's not only about language, it's also about culture so if you are a family of Mexican descent and you really want to immerse your children in the culture or not only Mexican but any other Latin American or even Spanish, and you live in the United States, and you are like others were so far removed from the culture. I want maybe this will be of inspiration to you so we did the first year. It was a really notable year and this was probably my favorite year that we taught Spanish. I had him do a little scrapbook just a little scrapbook that you know they filled out and in it, we learned traditional Mexican songs that were important to me song anyway so there are a lot of these traditional songs in here with the composers and they got to draw a little picture with it but I had to memorize one per month so they knew it really well and it's really cool to hear them see that.

    I also made these little sheets and I decided that they were gonna study estate for a month there are a lot of states in Mexico so you know we only studied like seven states that year but I printed out I made this little sheet where they were able to you know what with the climate what's the region population different traditional regional traditions regional food from that state and other interesting facts and then you know kind of the for them to draw the actual state the capitol all that stuff so there are so much in here and I used again if you are fluent in Spanish this is another little tip I actually went to the government page from Mexico the set and they have all these PDFs for like fourth-grade level which was just fine for my kids because of the level high level of Spanish where you can read about all the states it was so cool they have a history they have geography all these really cool things so that was one year and I love the other year we did a similar thing just kind of a scrapbook and we did study about you know here's a national anthem again states and capitals for them to always have and I had them study a little bit of Mexican Independence history and then after that just kind of okay so like the legend of La Llorona you know things that is interesting to them and have them also write about their own experiences so when we visited the pyramids of Teotihuacan they were able to write about it there and journal about it this is from McGraw Hill that was actually recommended to me by a teacher and it's just a textbook with short stories but in it, you know their spelling or there's vocabulary there's grammar and it comes with this work but I got this on Amazon it was quite expensive and you know we don't use this too much because I'm not a worksheet type of person but it's good to have I also have this Bible and Spanish that I haven't read and it's kind of like told as a narrative one full narrative one story which is really cool you can't like to miss the fun Mexican games like Lydia and just that kind of thing that is gonna not only get them to practice or Spanish but also enjoy parts of the culture that are so unique to in my case Mexican culture last but not least one of my favorite things that we're doing which we're not very consistent on but it's definitely an of treasure and it's something that I honestly want to just encourage everybody to do something like this even if it's in your own native language my kids are very blessed to have all four of their grandparents and all four of the grandparents are fluent in Spanish and so I had them make this just regular composition book conversations with my grandpa in this case and this is my daughter's so we did a collage that's full of you know just pictures with her and her grandpa and so it's grandpa and grandma and in one so you can see separated with tabs so I have them write them a question something that they want to know about my parents and then my parents right back so it's a back and forth journal and they have it for my parents and they also have it for my in-laws and so it's just so special I also put a little the family tree in the back for them to kind of know you know their origin so two family trees one from their grandma one from the grandpa and I just think it's just been so such a blessing and it's been a blessing for my in-laws as well here's my father-in-law to be able to just share their childhood stories and their memories and now I have this treasure that we're gonna be able to keep even when they pass so this is something that I'm gonna continue doing and like I said it's not super consistent but I just haven't filled it out a few times a year it's gonna be just a great experience all around and it gets some practicing writing their Spanish and expressing themselves I hope that this video has inspired you to go ahead and teach that foreign language it doesn't have to be super complicated but also if you are of a different nationality other than American and you want to just encourage your children to embrace another culture why not do it you know just added a new half-the time it's so it's such a blessing let me know if you do that already I'd love to hear your ideas and do you teach them a foreign language do you teach them about the culture I want to know to leave it down in the comments don't forget to subscribe and if you like this article give us a thumbs up and we'll catch you.

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