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Cup Challenge Team Building

Challenge: Build a structure with cups in a similar order cup stack as the teacher.

Cup Challenge Team Building Challenge:

Cup challenge team building Challenge is Engineering standards work because they are "building" also making observations, and communicating findings...there are plenty that could be applied. As It has numerous benefits in terms of imagination, creativity, observation, plenty of teamwork, collaboration, memorization, and communication skill, in addition, children can learn problem-solving, Critical thinking, logic, and attention to detail, moreover, little thinkers can learn patterns, shapes, geographic orientation relational thinking.

This activity plays a significantly beneficial role for kids who are usually not leaders or loud to step up and communicate with their teams and win rounds as their team captains. this activity can be done with anything like an index card or legos or even anything we have used in their cups. This looks fun! this would definitely promote teamwork!

First, allocate each table 12 cups:

The teacher can use an old printer paper box and pile their 12 cups in a certain way.

Then only the team captains are allowed to come to see only without touching the teacher's table, only observe.

In the first few rounds, children can come view only 5 times, however, their team captain identity cards along them are mandatory.

They go back to their tables and work as a team to Build a structure of their pills or stack to match as teachers.
  • Materials: 12 cups, 6 index cards
  • Time: 8 minutes
  • Scoring
Each round you make a different stack.

Compiled with simple pyramids, towers,s or any other shape you want.
For more senior kids have more rules and be more challenging.

What are students achieving apart from collaboration and teamwork?

They learn to pay attention to details, count cups, and make up little songs to remember how many cups are on the teacher's table, like "three upside-down cups on the bottom with two on top," as they skip back to their tables. Children who are typically quiet can be persuaded to be leaders and obtained to lead their teams to victory (getting it piled or stacked correctly). They learn about working together, what works and what doesn't, that they can't win if they don't cooperate, that each piece (cup) is significant, that they will lose some games and win others, and that both outcomes are fabulous.

Free pdf link below

Cup challenge team building
Cup challenge team building 

Cup challenge team building
Cup challenge team building

Cup challenge team building
Cup challenge team building 

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