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Testing Fruits experiment

The bright colors and sweet tastes of fruit appeal to children however fruit-themed science activities give a reason to play with their food as the best stem education activity. you can explore fruit seeds, the properties and function of the skin, conduct a taste test or experiment with how to keep fruit fresh. and after fruit science activities are finished you can have a yummy and nutritious snack.

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The pistil of a flower changes to form the fruit. Fruits can be

dry or succulent. Succulent fruits contain sugar. When they

have flavor and aroma, they are both attractive and edible.

Fruit contains the reserved food material from the main plant.

Have you observed a bruised fruit?

A bruised fruit is damaged and becomes brown. Certain

compounds called phenols are present in fruits. These get converted

to quinones which form dark brown pigment.'-

Enzymic browning in fruits

You will need:

• fruits (apple, banana, pear, grape)

a knife

  1.  Cut thin slices from each fruit.
  2.  Leave the slices exposed for about thirty minutes.
  3.  Do you see the browning of the slices?
  4.  Record the degree of browning.

Now study the conditions which affect browning.

  • Cut similar segments from one fruit.
  • Leave one segment intact.
  • Dice the second segment.
  • Cut the third segment into four fragments.
  • Bruise the fourth segment slightly.
  • Leave the fifth segment in a warm room.
  • Leave the sixth segment in the refrigerator.

 Prevent the browning of fruits

  1. Take a fruit and cut similar segments. Leave one segment immersed in water.
  2.  Immerse the second segment in water for thirty seconds, then leave it exposed.
  3.  Immerse the third segment in vinegar solution for thirty seconds, then leave it exposed.
  4.  Immerse the fourth segment in
  5. Boil water for thirty seconds, then leaves it exposed.
  6.  Leave the fifth segment exposed

without any treatment.

Compare the results

Did you obtain any success in preventing the browning of fruits?

Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. Besides, they contain dissolved

sugars and pectins.

The fruit turns brown when exposed to air because when a cut piece of fruit is exposed to oxygen, a reaction is happening.  is called enzymatic browning. The name enzymatic browning comes from an enzyme that is located in the fruit. It reacts with oxygen from the air to turn the fruit brown.

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