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Why Homeschooling is Better Than School, Reasons of Choosing Homeschool

It's a question on the highest of the mind of any parent WHO is invested in their child's education and needs to create a choice that's in the best interest of their children.

Homeschooling is in the best interest of each kid once it's allowed to be self-directed by their distinctive passions, respecting the child's rights, learning autonomy, and agency. Homeschooling is far better than the conventional schooling system as here children and parents both have the freedom and flexibility of choosing syllabus, learning time, and individual attention, furthermore, more free time to enjoy life and learn necessary skills.

It needs a serious lens shift from adult-directed to kid-led; with a cooperative non-coercive parent-child relationship being a necessity. Here are some reasons for homeschooling.

  • Reclaiming Family Time  
  • Devastate way of the conventional schooling system
  • Learning is beyond the Four walls of the school
  • How do homeschooled kids get chances to socialize
  • How do homeschooled kids get chances to socialize

Reclaiming Family Time:

One of the explanations that I started learning about Homeschooling was my need to pay longer with my youngsters associated with relishing their company while not a competitor for his or her time with an impassive establishment. defrayal an enormous chunk of the day separated, and so any time quarantined by senseless preparation tasks simply did not sit well with the American state.

Despite being their parent, I felt like I am simply another assistant of rules and policies as settled by faculties,  largely living from one weekend to consecutive. I may see however preparation tussles, examination stress, grade obsessions, competitions, and dread report cards were adversely touching my relationship with my youngsters and that I wished it to diverge. By the tip of the day, my children and I were too tired (and grumpy), to really connect with one another.

One of the numerous reasons is, This was a serious motivation issue on my behalf. To reclaim family time. To reconnect with friends, family, and relatives. To be the master of our time and energies. It meant that my children were liberated to socialize on the far side of the mandated age of white teams in school. And it's been the terribly rewarding way.

Devastate Way of The Conventional Schooling System:

Education is not the same as Schooling As a society, we have been brainwashed into believing that schooling is the rite of passage and the only "that's the way we do things" when it comes to educating children, which is why most people conflate education with schooling. The fact is, children are programmed to learn everything they need to survive and thrive by nature. Learning is not an ability that's taught. Babies learn to hold their heads, roll over, sit up, recognize their caregivers, cry to communicate, crawl, walk, and talk all on their own, at their own pace.

Yet somehow, as soon as they turn 5, or as soon as they turn 3 (!!!!) they suddenly cannot learn on their own and require school intervention? John Holt famously said that if we start sending children to school at 6 months old, within one generation parents will come to believe that their child cannot learn to walk without school! Fact? No. It's just a limiting belief. When defining education Einstein said that education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned at school. What we are interested in, we remember. What we don't like or understand, we quickly forget. Forced academics with one size fit all can never ever interest every single student in the class in every single subject. This is also proven by multiple scientific studies. One of the recent studies (Durkin et al., 2022) has proven that any benefit that early schooling showed in kindergarten diminished quickly, and in fact, causes long-term harm by putting children who started early academics at a higher risk of learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

Learning is Beyond The Four Walls of The School:

Education is lifelong learning. From the day we are born till the day we leave the planet Earth. It's what's happening beyond the 4 walls of schools. hilarious enough, life inside the four walls of school doesn't even remotely resemble real life, unless real life is one spent in prison.  even you can see the difference that those children who didn't get the chance of going to school by any circumstances are sharper than the school-going children. This was one of the reasons I started Homeschooling. 

Times have changed. When we were kids, our source of information on a caterpillar to irrigation system was the state-mandated books provided by schools. Not anymore. Our kids can access all that and more at a single tap. Information is on the tips of their fingers. And sadly, schools are lightyears behind and simply cannot catch up. By the time they even think of updating their curriculum to incorporate a new invention, the invention is obsolete! And then there's the matter of interest. My three kids are all wildly different. One loves books, and one doesn't. One is interested in rocker science while one wants to spend all day sculpting with clay. Even with these three, I cannot find a single curriculum that will fit their unique passions then how can a school possibly fit 30 into one box? Real-life skills are learned by living life in the real world. The real world isn't divided neatly into subjects. It's not divided into hourly sessions governed by bells. We don't need permission to go to the washroom or to eat when we are hungry. There's absolutely no such thing as "start being creative now, you've 30 minutes, then drop the pencil because the class is over". Humans cannot switch on creativity and imagination when instructed to do so only. It's all unnatural. As Carol Black discussed in her book, a shaman in Amazon Forest (who never went to school) is educated. He's probably more educated on the flora, fauna, and wildlife, the venoms, and their cures than a Ph.D. from London in similar subjects who never stepped into a forest or lived in Amazon. Not to mention that to match the knowledge of the Shaman, schools will need to send a team of separate specialists! I often hear, "oh he only completed inter, and started a business, he's not highly educated". Wrong. That person is educated. Learning from life is education. Education is not a piece of degrees and certificates. It's a lifelong process. One that doesn't even remotely resemble what goes on in schools.

How Do Homeschooled Kids Get Chances to Socialize:

Socialization is not equal to Schooling! Here's a big one. In the home education community, we refer to it as the "S" word. It almost always comes as the final trump card on Homeschooling, as the " your children will not be socialized if they homeschool". However, it's not a fact. It's not even remotely true. This will be long. But do read especially of this has been the reason holding you back. Humans are indeed social animals, and they have been learning via socialization ever since they arrived on this earth. Socialization means learning the norms, values, beliefs, and practices of a certain community/society/culture. This process isn't something that has been invented by schools (surprise surprise!), though it's definitely one disrupted by schools. I'll give you an example, children learn by watching the role models around them, how they talk, and how they treat other humans and learn the etiquette in this process. 
  •  What to say to a grieving person at a funeral?
  •  What is the right protocol to attend a wedding?
  •  What are the expectations? 
  •  What are the right things to say? 
  •  How to talk to elders?
  •  How to treat children younger than yourself?
  •  What are the norms of charity?
  •  How do we relate to domestic staff?
  •  How do we treat each other? 

These are not learned via books, but instead so as to observe family and really take part in family events, traditions, discussions, and activities. once my children joined an exact faculty, contrary to the spirit of socialization we tend to be told in clear terms that preparation, assignments, and exams return 1st. "Forget concerning socializing, attending weddings and funerals for the time your kid is here at this school" were the precise words of the even in any faith. albeit they hadn't aforesaid it therefore clearly throughout parent orientation (which they did), it absolutely was understood. The ton of preparation did not leave abundant time to possess a top-quality discussion with the children on necessary life problems, abundant less having them participate in any family traditions. colleges do not solely have a brilliant packed day of lectures, assignments, and worksheets, they are doing not enable abundant time for free-of-charge play and friendships. throughout the category, they're restricted from reprehension anyone, "finger on your lips", "eyes on the board", or "ears just for the teacher". They even have fancy poems to form it sound like it's fun for the younger ton, like "zip it, lock it, place it in your pocket" as a matter of fact that the teacher demonstrates zipping lips. Project teams square measure deliberately created to stay friends apart. Sections square measure oft modified each term ciao term friends are not alone (as their conversations (an important a part of socialization) disrupt the category and make management troublesome for teacher). Recess is supervised and has been shortened frequently in order that at most colleges it's solely twenty minutes of supervised silent lunch, that is spent grabbing a fast bite and packing up. The play has been systemically removed to provide thanks to additional lecturers despite an entire body of analysis information on the fact that kids learn through play. Play on serious work. This has a semiconductor diode to the increase in psychological state problems in kids (ref: Peter Gray). Ironically some colleges square measure currently rebranding their pedagogy as "play primarily based learning" to justify additional lecturers as applicable. Even the kids still have friends from faculty who don't have anything to convey to the varsity because the credit goes to outside initiatives by oldsters. It truly takes a deliberate effort and going out of the approach (collecting numbers of mothers) and arranging playdates reception, birthday parties, and different engagements to assist flourishing friendships at colleges and find them into "groups and cliques" (not that it is a fascinating goal within the 1st place). however similar efforts will be replicated by Homeschooling oldsters by connecting with similar families, there is no rocket science here, and positively none that solely happens at colleges. that brings Maine to the rather harmful and dangerous facet of socializing that happens at colleges far from parent direction and their information.

Peer pressures, peer influences, bullying, exclusive teams, gangs, cliques, conformity, and pressure to suit in. The thought that kids have to be compelled to socialize (which I explained is learning concerning beliefs and values) with same-aged kids is a wholly unnatural one. Per Gordon Neufeld, colleges take away families because of the primary orientation and socialization hub and replace that with the immature circle of influence exerted by kids over kids, themselves square measure driven by power structures and autocratic establishments and do not recognize any higher. They lack the information to be ready to increase the training method of a same-aged child in terms of norms and values. to not mention that several sometimes oldsters cannot manage the values being instilled through peer pressure and influence. As a result, oldsters suddenly realize themselves having very little or no influence on their own children. therefore to know the socialization facet, one should inspect the method, and perceive how it helps to learn, then you will see that colleges square measure the precise opposite to what one has to socialize, that is immersion and participation in a very community within the most natural approach, happening ad libitum and with sincerity. Not a machine-like network of faculties. John Gatto incorporates a far-famed speech on "Networks vs Communities" and presents colleges as examples of networks. Networks square measure impersonal, impassive, institutional, and solely concern themselves with no matter advantages them (like finding out already trained students for sports through trials rather than functioning on passions through real coaching). Communities square measure connected, concerned, involved, and square measure genuinely curious about the individuality of every member. they're invested in seeing every member reach their potential through support and mentorship. that is what true socialization sounds like, and that is solely potential through home education. my very own kids square measure extremely social and friendly. they need multi-aged friends from varied walks of life (after all there is solely such a lot to find out from same-aged groups). Technology conjointly helps bridge gaps in the relations between UN agencies living in remote. they need online Minecraft, Roblox, discord, and different teams online. they need frequent get along, play dates, and picture nights, with family and friends. They play with neighborhood children in the evening. my very own friends in the world have little or no to try to do with the same age as mine, and additional to try to do with common interests, problems, goals, and outlooks. In the world, we do not go around checking people's ages 1st before we are able to bind them, and neither do my children. They connect over common interests too. most significantly, they get to accompany Maine to family events and observe cultural values in motion. we tend to recently incorporate a family reunion, with around eleven children living under one roof, and they all learned loads concerning combined aged play, compassion, conflict management, cooperative play, compromise, friendships, and every different relationship dynamic. Life isn't any wanting such opportunities. we do not want colleges for socialization in any respect as a result colleges aren't for socialization (as per the far-famed words of my faculty teacher! and since real socialization happens outside the four walls of the establishment. and that is why it never stopped Maine from home education. 

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