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How To Make Your Child Smart & Intelligent

Secret Every Parent Must Know

how to make your child smart and intelligent
This is the dream of every parent that their children become intelligent, competent, and smarter in the future and get a higher rank", almost every parent hopes that their child finds success in whatever circumstances which takes place in their life.

However, it should be known that Competence is not an inheritance of anyone and is not dependent on any educational system. Neither has an injection been invented to increase potency. But nature blessed every child in the world with one or the other qualities.
first and foremost it should be understood that Parents and teachers have the collective responsibility to highlight the qualities of the student and develop them so that the child can prove to be an asset not only for his family but also for the country and the nation in the future. Children learn an enormous quantity through everyday living: twiddling with different kids, making stories along, finding patterns in leaves, and working out that if there are four individuals invited for dinner, you wish to line four plates, four forks, and 4 napkins. Young kids will find out about physics with blocks. What they don’t get to do is go around reciting E=MC square.” Let your kids simply be kids. Here are some ways to assist your kids to become smarter.

Mother's Lap is The First School:

The most important and basic purpose of education is the character building of the child, which starts from his birth. That is, the mother's lap is the child's first education and training center as if the mother is the child's first teacher. A mother does not need any degree for this initial teaching but it has been my observation that it is relatively easy for educated/trained mothers to train and shape their children.

Put The Odds In The Favor Of The Child:

A mother's first priority should be their kids first. Take care of his health and proper diet. For the sake of his training, if she has to make changes even in her personality, she should not refrain from doing so.

Set A Bedtime Routine:

All of us are aware regarding how valuable time management is, however, it should be understood that A  bedtime routine is tremendously helpful in order to keep relaxed, and calm and soothe your child so your child is ready for sleep. in addition to developing good sleep habits now and for the future, in your child, it is also helpful. A  bedtime routine involves your child going through a few, pleasant activities almost 20 minutes before bedtime.

Spent Maximum Time With The Child:

A child does what he sees. What a child is taught in the early years will become a part of his personality for the rest of his life. Therefore, early childhood education plays a significant role in his life, so he should be trained to keep in mind their values. He should be taught to distinguish between good and bad. Keep a close eye on his habits. Consider the child's reaction to various things and draw conclusions from it which will be helpful in his training. so being a mother spent time as much as you can because if this time will go never returns then you will feel regret in order to bring back those moments and enjoy this time.

Provide A Separate Room If Possible:

A one-year-old child has some understanding. If resources permit, a separate room should be provided for him, where, along with other toys, he must be provided with some educational toys that can be used for his mental exercise and his learning process. can be accelerated.

Brain Exercises:

Your child’s brain is sort of a sponge able to take in everything it comes across. Age-acceptable games facilitate stimulating his mind and developing skills. Board games, building blocks, puzzles, checkers, and chess area units are simply a number of samples of games that additionally build smarts. Encourage their curiosity.

Physical Activity:

Physical activities provide enormous benefits for children in terms of strengthening the bones, muscles, hearts, and lungs of a child. Moreover, it boosts children's hand-and-eye coordination,  posture,  balance, and flexibility. It helps to maintain a healthy weight. reduces children's risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and cancer later in life.

Its recommended by experts that lids get the following amount of physical activity and exercise on a daily basis:

At least 30 minutes of organized physical activity supervised by an adult. This could be playing a game, throwing a softball, or even acting out a scene from a storybook.

A minimum of 60 minutes of unorganized physical activity that’s led by an adult. This could be make-believe play, running, or having over a friend for a play date.

Here are some Examples of Physical Activities for kids
  • Hopping
  • Running
  • Tumbling
  • Jumping.
  • Playing catch.
  • Skipping
  • Dancing.
  • Swimming 


Your kid has to be fed regular and alimentary meals. a gentle stream of junk food creates in kids a lot at risk for health problems. they'll additionally lack the right nutrients, like iron, for healthy brain tissue growth.

Keep Books Around:

To increase ability, the child should be made friends with books from the beginning. For this, there should be a small shelf in his room. Where small, colorful, picture-attractive books should be placed for him.

Provide A Computer or Laptop:

It is inevitable to take advantage of modern technology to increase the ability. Keeping this in mind, a computer or laptop can be placed in the child's room, where for a limited time every day,  poems, and instructive stories can be read on it. Stories can be shown.

Observe Changes In Habits:

The mother should observe which toys the child likes and dislikes. What things he likes and what things he dislikes, what things make him sad, and what things make him happy.

Tell The Story:

Storytelling plays a significant role as it has enormous benefits Storytelling brings forth a window of new worlds for children. It provides them the opportunity to learn new ideas and information; without realizing it,  life lessons that can be learned through hearing an engaging, exhilarating story.
It is important for the mother to talk well with her child, play with him, and tell him a story before going to bed every night.

Familiarize The Outside World:

Observations must be quick to increase efficiency. The mother should familiarize the child with the outside world to sharpen his observations. Take him to the market, sea, zoo, shopping mall, railway station, airport, school, hospital, park, stadium, mountains, etc.

Make A Visit:

If resources permit, he should not only be taken on tour to other cities of Pakistan but also abroad. Attention should be paid to the socialization of the child. He should be made friends with children of the same age.

Initially, special attention should be given to his training for three to four years


If the mother is educated and has time, then home-school the child instead of enrolling him in a Montessori school, because there is no better teacher than a mother. A mother's lap is the best platform for learning the values of life skills as well, and enjoying the warmth of her love and affection, this primary school with a mother as her first teacher cannot be substituted with any other schoolThere are tons of resources and tips on homeschooling on the Internet.

Inculcate Proper Hygiene Values:

The importance of cleanliness should be highlighted in them from the beginning. Being hygienic can also help to stay away from and prevent epidemics. They should be encouraged to bathe, brush and wear clean clothes daily. As he grew older, his books and toys kept changing.
A child is a product made by the mother. A small defect in this product can make a big difference to its character and future. It will not be wrong to say that a child is like a blank check, the mother can write any amount on it.
When the child leaves the mother's lap, many other factors can influence its personality and character formation

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