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Seed Germination

How  to Germinate the Seed:

What happens when you saw a seed? It germinates and grows into a young seedling. The seedling later matures into a plant.
Seeds are formed in plants after fertilization. Each individual
seed is a living organism. Seeds have to endure different conditions
before they settle and germinate. A proper environment is required
by the seed for germination. This includes water, air, and suitable
temperature. It also requires freedom from high concentrations
of salts and poisons.
The process of germination

 Seed Germination

things we need:
• peas
• pulses
• gram
• a moist cloth
• a container

  1. Wash the seeds in the container.
  2. Take a loosely woven cloth with air spaces between the threads.
  3. Soak the cloth in water.
  4. Put the seeds in a moist cloth.
  5. Tie a knot at one end of the cloth and hang it.
  6. sprinkling water over it in order to keep the cloth moist for a week.
What do you observe?

 How Many seeds have germinated?
Names the fruits that have 1 seed;

Names the fruit that has more than one seed;

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