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Chemical Reactions

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Carbon dioxide is a normal constituent of the atmosphere.  It is a harmless, colourless gas, almost odourless and tasteless. 

Do you know that carbon dioxide can be produced by a chemical reaction?

All carbonates react with acids. An acid reacts with carbonate to produce water and salt and carbon dioxide.

Chemical Reactions

Produce carbon dioxide:

Best Stem Education Activity for you by chemical Reaction:

You will need:

A vinegar sample

• A fruit juice sample

A sour milk sample

• pH papers

Test tubes

l. Use pH papers to find out the pH of vinegar,

fruit juice and sour milk by dipping the

papers into these liquids.

2. Now pour sodium bicarbonate into three test


3. Add vinegar, fruit juice and sour milk to the

above test tubes, respectively.

What do you observe?

Can you see the production of carbon dioxide gas in the test tube?

 If you want to test the nature of the gas, pass it through lime water. It will turn milky.

Do you know that the simplest artificial vinegar consists of industrial acetic

Is acid well diluted with water and coloured with a little caramel? Such vinegar has harshness and pungency.

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